In-court and out-of-court trust disasters are surfacing at an alarming rate! Our website is dedicated to educating and protecting the public. You can, for example, see and learn from actual court cases involving trust problems. Simply click on the words "Trust Court Cases" in the red box on the "Why Us" page. Much more awaits you on our website!


It Can:
Destroy Your Family!
Cripple Your Retirement Dreams!
Eliminate Your Anticipated Inheritance!

Unfortunately, incomplete and poorly drafted trusts have already generated millions of dollars in unnecessary lawyer and accountant fees, probate court expenses and taxes! Family trust disputes (often costing $100,000 to $200,000 in legal fees!) are also destroying personal relationships in unprecedented numbers!

For seniors, "one-size-fits-all" family trusts have created a "new breed" of surviving spouses. These widows and widowers are both angry and frustrated because of unexpected asset restrictions and lifelong management costs!

Lawyers Warned About Bad Trusts! (click here)

Last, but not least, many expected inheritances have been substantially reduced or rerouted to undeserving heirs by court decisions. Sloppy trust drafting is the primary reason!

For individuals and families who are serious about protecting their assets, privacy and intentions, The Living Trust: A Good Idea Gone Bad! is a valuable source of information. This easy-to-read report takes the reader "behind the scenes" of the often deceptive living trust industry.

John M. Maag, author of the report, has worked as a professional trustee and, since 1981, has managed Estate Conservation, Inc. as an independent research and consulting firm. He has examined the estate planning documents (especially trusts) prepared by hundreds of attorneys and is continually researching probate court cases involving trust problems.

Also, being a trust consultant, John works with clients and their tax, legal and financial advisors on every aspect of trust labor. This includes planning, drafting, funding and administration.

What you can read in The Living Trust: A Good Idea Gone Bad! will not be heard in any seminar or other place where trusts are sold! This report includes examples of actual trust problems and introduces the reader to The Revealing Trust Series exposé. Without a "street-wise" education on trusts, you and your family (or other heirs) can easily become the next surprised victims of Trust Justice!

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