Why Use The Estate Conservation, Inc. Website?
(Because we bring the courthouse to you!)

Part of the new internet "highway" consists of thousands of websites selling estate planning documents. Now, more than ever, consumers can "shop around" for their trusts, wills, etc.

When purchasing a trust, for example, many individuals choose to pay an amount which, in their minds, will buy a "good" document. Such thinking, however, will not protect anyone from purchasing an incomplete or poorly drafted trust. Without obtaining product knowledge (this is the key!), the idea of obtaining a "good" trust is only an idea!

YOUR LIVING TRUST: It is not Wonder Bread! (click here)

According to our research, the Estate Conservation, Inc. website is unique. It is the only California based website that sells reports containing copies of actual probate court cases addressing (1) trust document quality and design or (2) the problems encountered or caused by nonprofessional trustees or (3) nontrust estate planning issues (see The "Big Time Money" Mystery). Not even Nolo Press has included copies of actual probate cases in their publications.

In "black and white," our reports prove that many consumers have unknowingly purchased inferior trusts without obtaining any trustee skills! As these individuals die or become incapacitated, the trust problems will come to the surface.

The independent research conducted by Estate Conservation, Inc. provides "sounding board" facts and other information for those consumers who want to avoid the costly and emotional nightmares already encountered by others. This is why our website was created! Educating and protecting the public (an often self-destructive group!) are the primary objectives of the website.

We bring the courthouse to you!