A living trust is NOT just a legal document!

It is a CONSUMER PRODUCT which will have a DEGREE OF QUALITY ranging from very good to poor! An incomplete or poorly drafted trust can easily (1) cause THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in unnecessary lawyer and accountant fees, court costs and taxes and (2) trigger BITTER DISPUTES between the trustee (who is often a family member) and the beneficiaries! After your DEATH OR DISABILITY (and REGARDLESS of the law firm involved), it will be TOO LATE to change or improve the quality of your family trust! You are being WARNED that your entire estate IS AT RISK!

The Revealing Trust Series should be read by every FIRST-TIME TRUSTEE and all CONSUMERS who hold or need a living trust! The 4 reports contain the “real-world” career EXPERIENCES of John M. Maag, who is a professional trustee, trust consultant and probate court researcher. In this unique series, he gives the reader a “street-wise” education on trusts--especially the reasons behind the COSTLY DISASTERS which are surfacing at an alarming rate! Copies of ACTUAL trust court cases are included--and analyzed in REVEALING detail--for the reader’s benefit. NOW, in an environment of reckless seminar selling and “quick-fix” computer trust programs, you can truly learn how to PROTECT your assets, privacy and intentions! Remember, trusts are CONSUMER PRODUCTS which--despite public opinion--are NOT created equal! Also, first-time trustees often make COSTLY MISTAKES!

How good is YOUR trust?

Are YOUR trustees well prepared?

The Revealing Trust Series will TEACH YOU the answers!

Report No. 1

The Living Trust: "All That Glistens Is Not Gold"

This report is the first of 4 reports in The Revealing Trust Series. It contains the information foundation on which the others build. While giving the reader an "inside look" at trusts, John exposes serious problems associated with the mass marketing of these documents. His years of experience as a professional trustee, trust consultant, and probate court researcher create the uniqueness of the report.

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The Revealing Trust Series

Report No. 2

The Trusteeship: What Is Missing?

In simple trust terms, the "trusteeship" includes the individuals and (if applicable) the financial institutions that are named to serve as trustees. This report contains valuable information on the trustee selection process and various provisions (powers and options) which can greatly enhance the trusteeship--but are seldom included in trust documents. When trustees find themselves "locked in" by the inflexible terms in a boilerplate trust, they often end up in probate court for assistance!

Report No. 3

The Probate Court: Trust Justice

Probate court records are the most valuable--but seldom used--source of information on trust problems. Therefore, after his summary review of more than 100 trust probate cases, John selected 6 cases to comprise Trust Justice. Each of the cases (photocopied from original court records) will give the reader crucial lessons on trust administration. The report consists of the 6 selected cases and the guiding comments from John, who has been in the "hot seat" as a professional trustee. A colored highlighting procedure will allow even a layman trustee to scan through the interesting court cases while learning the pertinent facts.

Report No. 4

The Revealing Trust Series: Supplemental Report

This final report was added to The Revealing Trust Series to complete the reader's "street-wise" education on trusts. It includes details on numerous trust problems and exhibits which contain a long list of frequently omitted trust provisions. Also, a suggested approach for dealing with existing trust shortcomings is provided.


The Revealing Trust Series by John Maag provides a hands-on, no-nonsense accounting of what is truly taking place in the living trust industry. It is a must for anyone who seriously values their family’s assets and privacy!”
–––Anthony Titolo, Private Real Estate Manager, Huntington Beach, CA

“Do you trust your Trust? This easy-to-read compendium of trust situations will stimulate the lawyer and client to further consider real-life possibilities that should be covered within your Trust documents.”
–––Keith Wisbaum, Elder Abuse Litigation Attorney, Laguna Beach, CA

“John Maag has produced a very useful report warning individuals of mass-produced, often incomplete trust documents. Based on his 20 years experience studying trust litigation, he presents court cases illustrating the most common omissions or mistakes in boilerplate trusts. Anyone contemplating or holding a living trust should read John Maag’s Revealing Trust Series.”
–––Karl Skindrud, Ph.D., California State University Professor (Retired), Huntington Beach, CA

“Very well written and easy to read. The Revealing Trust Series is an invaluable resource for any professional who deals with estates and trusts.”
–––Stephen Prichard, Certified Public Accountant, Los Alamitos, CA

“John Maag’s Revealing Trust Series on the explanation of trusts is simple and concise. It helps the reader avoid the dangerous pitfalls of poorly written trust documents.”
–––Ron Wanagel, Insurance Agency Owner (Retired), Lakewood, CA

The Revealing Trust Series is John Maag’s legacy to each of us as we seek the best distribution of our hard-earned assets to the next generation. Thank you, John!”
–––Martin Lombrano, Financial Planner, Laguna Hills, CA

“The eye-opening discovery awaiting the reader of The Revealing Trust Series is that a living trust can prove to be counterproductive! It must be prepared with diligence and foresight. A lifetime of careful planning and disciplined savings can be undermined by an improperly designed trust!”
–––Peter Zebot, Pension Plan Consultant, Aliso Viejo, CA

“John Maag’s Revealing Trust Series has the potential of bringing the ‘litigation explosion’ in the trust/probate field to a grinding halt! Spotting and resolving potential problems beforehand is a lot cheaper than litigation.”
–––Hector Perez, Trust/Probate Litigation Attorney, Seal Beach, CA

The Revealing Trust Series is a valuable reminder of two important lessons: you get what you pay for; and a hastily-written and ill-prepared trust often creates more problems than solutions.”
–––Jon Muir, Corporate Trust Officer, Westlake Village, CA

“In many years of dealing with after-death estate and trust matters, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a well-designed estate plan. Your trust should be carefully constructed to meet your needs, and time should be taken to understand the after-death impact of its provisions. John Maag’s Revealing Trust Series addresses all-too-common disasters and problems with poorly-designed or poorly-executed trusts. The book is an excellent tool to avoid disaster and get what you want out of your estate plan. I highly recommend it.”
–––Robert Manton, Certified Public Accountant, Tustin, CA

“Clients often tell me that they have a 'good' living trust. However, without the knowledge of what should or could be put into a trust document, their claims of a 'good' trust are only wishful thinking! By reading The Revealing Trust Series, you will obtain the facts which can be used to determine the quality of your trust. This should be the goal of every trust holder!”
–––Dave Murphy, M.B.A., Educator/Deferred Compensation Specialist, Orange, CA

“Conducting investigative research is a vital activity when developing and maintaining a successful financial strategy. This also applies to estate planning. The Revealing Trust Series is a bedrock of critical information for anyone who is serious about protecting their hard-earned assets when death or disability occurs. I especially appreciate the long list of frequently omitted trust provisions which can lead to expensive trust problems. John Maag’s investigative series is informative, interesting and easy to read. The $329 purchase price could be the best investment you ever make!”
–––Gary Miller, Certified Financial Planner, Laguna Niguel, CA

Note: The text of each report is in plain English (no "legalese"), and a colored highlighting procedure will allow the reader to scan through the revealing probate cases. Also, a sturdy plastic coil is used to bind the 4 reports and their dividing tabs. This exposé comes with a 60-day "money-back" guarantee.