Learn "Up Close And Personal"

Every estate plan and the necessary legal documents should be custom designed. The assets, circumstances, goals and potential problems are different for each family.

For those consumers who truly want personal consulting, there is an opportunity! It involves spending a morning or afternoon (no seminars) with John M. Maag, President of Estate Conservation, Inc.

During the scheduled time, the participant can learn "up close and personal" about (1) the problems associated with the mass marketing of trusts and (2) critical "do's and don'ts" of trust management and (3) how certain trust provisions can increase administrative costs and (4) estate planning designs which are seldom mentioned by most trust providers. Depending upon the participant's situation, a trip to the Central Justice Center in Santa Ana may be included for probate court case analysis.

To obtain more details, click on the colored words "Contact Us" near the top of this page. Then, send us an email. Include the words "learn up close and personal" in your transmission, and we will reply. Or, you can call our office at 714-847-0377. Thank you.

Note: All participants must (1) be well versed in the English language and (2) be ambulatory (for a possible trip to the Central Justice Center) and (3) first read The Living Trust: A Good Idea Gone Bad! report.